3 – 6 July Ghent, Belgium

Thanks to all the participants!

ISIPTA 2019 Opening reception

Info about ISIPTA 2019

ISIPTA 2019 is the 20-year anniversary edition of the world’s main forum on imprecise probabilities. If we had to describe its central theme in one sentence, it would be that

“There‚Äôs more to uncertainty than probabilities.”

Indeed, a wide range of other frameworks, including—but by no means limited to—interval probabilities, sets of probability measures, non-additive set functions, non-linear expectations, partial preference orderings, game-theoretic probability and choice functions, offer powerful robust alternatives and extensions to the probabilistic one. These frameworks are capable of dealing with model uncertainty and indecision and are commonly referred to as imprecise probability models. For the past twenty years, their theoretical development and practical application have been the focus of the biennial ISIPTAs.

What we love about these conferences is their friendly and cooperative style, the strong emphasis on in-depth discussion, the openness to new ideas and—last but not least—the willingness to share ideas in such a way that others can build on them. We hope that you too will enjoy and contribute to this unique atmosphere.

The upcoming eleventh edition takes ISIPTA back to its roots: twenty years after its first edition, the International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities: Theories and Applications returns to the medieval city centre of Ghent. What have we learned since then? Which questions still remain open? And what problems should we tackle next? You are hereby warmly invited to join us in shaping the future of imprecise probabilities. Make sure to bring a research state of mind.