3 – 6 July Ghent, Belgium


Two types of awards were handed out at ISIPTA 2019: an IJAR young researcher award, to young researchers that have demonstrated excellence in imprecise probabilities, and several best poster awards, to acknowledge poster presentations that went above and beyond.

IJAR young researcher award

Thanks to the continued support of the International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, ISIPTA was again able to hand out an IJAR Young Researcher Award. The prize consisted of a certificate and 1000 euros. It was split between the following young researchers, for their excellent research in the area of imprecise probabilities. The two winners were

An honorable mention was given to Vu-Linh Nguyen.

The award was open to Master students, PhD students and young post-doc researchers who had received their PhD after the previous ISIPTA (that is, after 14 July 2017). The career stage was taken into account during judgement. We received a total of seven applications. Fabio Cozman, Alessandro Antonucci and Barbara Vantaggi constituted the jury.

All applicants were expected to

Best poster awards

A jury consisting of Erik Quaeghebeur, Teddy Seidenfeld and Chiara Corsato made a selection of best poster presentations. They took into account both quality of design and quality of the explanations, as well as the votes of the participants. The award was open to everyone that presented a poster. This also included paper authors, provided of course that they brought a poster to the discussion session, rather than some other visual aid. The prize was awarded to the following poster authors:

  1. Enrique Miranda, Ignacio Montes & Sébastien Destercke, for the poster of their paper “A Unifying Frame for Neighbourhood and Distortion Models” (awarded by the jury & participants);
  2. Paul Fink, for the poster of his paper “SIPTA-Community Based on Paper Contributions – Descriptive Statistics and Network Analysis” (awarded by the participants);
  3. Arthur Van Camp & Teddy Seidenfeld, for their poster “Exposing Some Points of Interest about Non-Exposed Points of Desirability” (awarded by the participants);
  4. Georg Schollmeyer, for the poster of his paper “A Short Note on the Equivalence of the Ontic and the Epistemic View on Data Imprecision for the Case of Stochastic Dominance for Interval-Valued Data” (awarded by the jury);
  5. Miguel Mendes, for his poster “The Ergodic Conundrum” (awarded by the jury & participants);
  6. Ruobin Gong, for the poster of her paper “Simultaneous Inference under the Vacuous Orientation Assumption” (awarded by the jury & participants).

All winners received a certificate and a book related to (imprecise) probabilities (or two books, for the posters that came first and second). The books were generously offered by Wiley and Springer.